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The LapSim® Haptic System includes advanced force feedback technology together with powerful graphics and cognitive instructions, for an immersive, multi-sensory and very real training experience. It is a fully integrated hardware platform that provides a seamless, intuitive user experience with compact design and good ergonomic support for training with minimal fatigue.

The LapSim® Haptic System is delivered on a haptic hardware platform with a LapCam, a separate laparoscope, Basic Skills training package containing Basic Skills, Task Training and Camera Anatomy Training modules. All necessary computer and monitor hardware housed in a height adjustable frame.


A Validated Experience

Each exercise is recorded with detailed metrics, statistics, and a video of the performance, providing both immediate and long-term skill development feedback. With a library containing pre-validated courses, you can choose one of them or set up and customize the course content to your own specific standards and requirements. This feature is part of all exercises and procedures, all to make the learning experience as goal-directed, consistent and measurable as possible.


Virtual Reality

The effectiveness of virtual reality simulators in teaching laparoscopic techniques is widely accepted within the medical community. To serve you with the best possible system, the LapSim®Haptic System offers, with its advanced force feedback technology, combined with powerful graphics and cognitive instructions, a fully customizable training experience.