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Why proper storage of your Lead Aprons is really important? - Jimhans Medical
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Why proper storage of your Lead Aprons is really important?

Lead Aprons

Why proper storage of your Lead Aprons is really important?

Improper storage of lead aprons will not only damage the lead apron but put you at increased risk of constant exposure to radiation. Care should be taken to see that lead apron should not be folded when disposed of. The radiation passes through the holes and cracks in the apron. This means a damaged apron puts you to a greater risk of lead radiation.

The most recommended solution to storing lead apron is using a lead apron rack. Lead apron racks are available in a range of different styles such as door mounted racks and standing apron racks. One can easily hang the lead aprons on this storage device, accounting for a clutter-free and neatly organized room. Durability as they stand for, lead apron racks can withstand the weight of hanging multiple lead aprons. Most lead aprons can hold up to 300 lbs.  Several of them are quite easy to move around a medical or clinical facility.

Using lead apron racks not only allows you to prevent damage of lead aprons but help you sort out and keep track of all your aprons. We, at Jimhans, have lead apron racks that offer your medical facility a neat organization system for your lead aprons as well as lead gloves. Remember that not only cleanly organizing all your radiation protection products or accessories essential to create a safety improvement, but also improve the overall efficiency and functioning in the workplace. Besides, it helps you stay personally organized and focus on your everyday core tasks and functions.