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What are Medical Alert Systems? What are the things to look for in Medical Alert Systems? - Jimhans Medical
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What are Medical Alert Systems? What are the things to look for in Medical Alert Systems?

Medical Alert Systems

What are Medical Alert Systems? What are the things to look for in Medical Alert Systems?

There may be no denying that that even the best preventive measures cannot help avert a fall. Harvard Health recommends that seniors use medical alert systems to summon help anytime, come shine or rain. All they need to do is press an alert button and a trained response will make sure help is at hand. There are number of medical alert systems for all needs. There are both in-home as well as on-to-go medical alert systems. There is a base station plus two-way voice in in-home systems. They operate with either a mobile connection or landline.

On-to-go medical alert systems are innovative, in that senior people can use them outside of the home. These on-to-go medical alert systems come with GPS tracking so that you can find help anywhere anytime. Some medical alert systems come with automatic fall detection, and this means you do not have to press a button for help. The device by default can sense a fall and trigger alert responses.

If you’re active, you can also go for wearable alert smart watches that also feature fitness tracking and other essential apps.

These are some of the important features to look for before buying a medical alert system:
Features – Key features include a waterproof button, two-way talk, automatic fall detection , GPS detection

Equipment – Several medical alert systems feature a waterproof help button and a two-way talk. Many systems come with a smartwatch in place of a button. Other options include extra medical alert buttons, emergency wall buttons and a lockbox.

Customer Service – The medical alert system brand or manufacturer should offer efficient customer support, and fix them in case of technical issues without leaving the user in the lurch.

Plans – Check if the manufacturer or brand has a range of monitoring plans. Some plans require a pay-as-you-go, and others a contract.

Value – Value is the most essential aspect of a medical alert device. You ought to ensure you get the real bang for your bucks.

At Jimhans, we help you find the right medical alert system for all your needs. Get in touch with our team. We are just a click away.