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Role of Laparoscopic Simulators in Medical care - Jimhans Medical
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Role of Laparoscopic Simulators in Medical care


Role of Laparoscopic Simulators in Medical care

Laparoscopic techniques have opened up new vistas in laparoscopic training shifting from the traditional apprenticeship and moving towards a more structured course of teaching innovative skills outside of the operating room.  The safest best is a Laparoscopic simulator that offers basic surgical skills training. The biggest advantage of laparoscopic simulators is that it enables the skills derived through virtual reality simulation training transferred on to the operating room. It offers a safe environment for trainees to perform practically complex, complete laparoscopic procedures and suturing simulation.  

Trainees can get hands-on experience of the procedure using laparoscopic simulators. Their decision-making skills are greatly enhanced. Their technical skills and performance can be improved. Trainees can carry out critical steps of the medical procedure. Laparoscopic Simulators help minimise errors and practise control of medical complications. Trainees may encounter several rare or difficult cases; Laparoscopic Simulators helps you encounter such cases with a great sense of confidence during the training period.

Our innovative Laparoscopic Simulators offer hands-on simulation experience across multiple disciplines. Laparoscopic Simulators have been developed with input from different professional sources like medical societies, surgical opinion leaders and educators; therefore, they are marked by meaningful training impact, without which offering the necessary training in the operating room can be difficult. Our Laparoscopic Simulators offer a stimulating, motivating and safe environment that supports training, assessment as well transfer of skills from the operating room.  Our Laparoscopic Simulators are priced affordably, faster, requires less number of staff, needs less staff attendance time and prevents medical accidents and mishaps even in emergency cases.

There have never better ways to learn surgery and that too from the most technically advanced equipment available in the marketplace than Laparoscopic Simulators from Jimhans. Searching for state-of-the-art Laparoscopic Simulators in Malaysia? Just get in touch with us for more specification and feature details.