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It’s all about safe patient transfer - Patient Transfer Roller Boards - Jimhans Medical
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It’s all about safe patient transfer – Patient Transfer Roller Boards


It’s all about safe patient transfer – Patient Transfer Roller Boards

Let’s face it: Have we ever give it a real thought about how effectively moving one’s body from one location to another. Oftimes we take it for granted. Without any method to transfer a person from a wheelchair to a car seat or from a bed to a chair, he or she is tied down to one position for long hours.

Patient transfer devices enable medical professionals and caregivers to easily and more importantly, safely transfer limited mobility patients between two locations of rest. We, at Jimhans, bring you a wide range of patient transfer rollerboards that allow caregivers and patients alike to make transfers conveniently and stress-free for everyone involved.

Our patient transfer roller boards are characterized by high weight capacity and low cost. Remember that inferior knock-offs can create friction resulting in shearing, and therefore it may not suit every patient. Our patient transfer rolling boards eliminate the need to physically lift patients every single time. It allows patients to effortlessly transfer from gurney, hospital bed, operating room table, exam table, X-ray table and cast table. There are quite a lot of disadvantages that come with traditional metal roller boards as they require changes made to transferring techniques. Some of the benefits that accompany Jimhans’ patient transfer roller boards include:

  • Comfortable – Our patient roller boards are absolutely comfortable as they come with the soft core without hard metal rollers.
  • Lightweight – There is no lifting needed, even if the patient is slightly overweight.
  • Simple – The transfer technique employed is the same as that of metal roller boards.
  • Longboard – Our patient transfer roller boards come with a longboard that helps in the transfer of patients in a seated position.
  • Foldable – Longboard folds facilitate set up and easy storage.
  • Strap – As our patient transfer roller boards are lightweight, you can carry them on your shoulders for totally hands-free operation.
  • Durable and Sturdy – Made of durable material, our patient transfer roller boards withstand end crap breakage.

Looking for quality patient transfer roller boards in Malaysia? We are just a click away.