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How to choose the best Alternating Air Systems? - Jimhans Medical
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How to choose the best Alternating Air Systems?

alternating air system

How to choose the best Alternating Air Systems?

Alternating Air Systems come with mattresses that help maintain the pressure points alternating throughout the body. Alternating pressure therapy makes use of pressure redistribution to stimulate blood flow so as to nourish the skin. The mattress has air cells that deflate and inflate under the patient at an adjustable or pre-determined cycle time. This allows greater blood flow to reach the skin for aiding skin healing and preventing bedsores and skin breakdown. You may want to start with our Alternating Air Systems that are available online with different sizes and functions. There are a few things to check out if you are looking to purchase a basic alternating air system:

Check if the alternating air system is built with features to prevent and treat bariatric patients as they are put into a higher risk of developing a pressure ulcer in nursing, hospital, polyclinic and care home environments. The system should have a simple-to-use functionality and user settings. You should be able to set up the mattress system quickly and conveniently. The system should be able to operate at optimal pressure for a particular user with ease. The system should be manufactured to conform to the most stringent in-use guidelines and stringent quality. The alternating air system should offer an even ambience for stable blood circulation and natural sleep circulation.

Some of the standard features worth a checkout include alternating air system with vapour permeable, water-resistant cover; multi-stretch PU cover; multi-stretch PU cover; Pillow function; covert sealed air cells; efficient pump connection; mobile mode; independently detachable cells and coated cells made of highly durable material and 360-degree zipper. Still looking for the best alternating air system available in Malaysia? Don’t go further. Jimhans has a range of alternating air systems including mobile cushion system, bubble overlay pad and many more.