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Capsule endoscopy of the future: What's on the horizon? - Jimhans Medical
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Capsule endoscopy of the future: What’s on the horizon?

Capsule endoscopy

Capsule endoscopy of the future: What’s on the horizon?

Gastroenterologists now are blessed with the latest but already sure-fire tool for capturing pictures of the digestive tract without the need for a magnetic field, X-rays, scopes or invasive steps among others. As a matter of fact, this proven, innovative technology allows Gastroenterologists to capture images of the interior of the gastrointestinal tract with one simple step: gulp down a pill.

But this pill is unique: a miniaturized, built-in wireless camera enclosed in a capsule small enough to be swallowed and later disposed of through bowel movement upon the completion of the job.

There isn’t any retrieval required; the pill is flushed way passing within 1 day. Capsule endoscopy, as this type of evaluation is known, is increasingly used and growing in popularity amongst specialists and patients when they undergo diagnosis for GI symptoms. Capsule endoscopy is applicable for detecting abnormality in the small bowel, diarrhoea, chronic abdominal pain, obscure iron deficiency anaemia and small bowel tumour.

Capsule endoscopy is definitely the future and is the most effective method to reach the human alimentary track that mainly consists of stomach, oesophagus, large bowl, and small bowel, whereas the regular flexible endoscope could hardly reach the ileum and duodenum. You are also at an increased risk of perforation to small bowel with the regular flexible endoscope.  The capsule endoscopy outscores regular flexible endoscopy and has greater success rate when it comes to convenient, painless, no cross-infection and non-invasive diagnosis. If you are searching endlessly for the right Capsule Endoscopy System in Malaysia, your search ends right here, as we bring medical professionals and specialists best-in-class Capsule Endoscopy System that enables recording images of the gastrointestinal tract from the inside conveniently without any hassle.