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Can you imagine a world where Doctors didn't wear lab coats? - Jimhans Medical
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Can you imagine a world where Doctors didn’t wear lab coats?

Lab Coats

Can you imagine a world where Doctors didn’t wear lab coats?

Can you recall your last visit to a hospital or doctor’s office? The nurse would have taken your pulse or blood pressure, but are you sure her hands were clean before touching you? How often are the scrubs laundered and sanitized? How about your doctor? Does he wear lab coats? Does he wear a tie? How often is it cleaned or washed up? How many times have the lab coats been changed?

The argument for and against not wearing lab coats and scrubs has been a subject of debate. In addition to preventing the spread of germs and diseases, in adequately dressed doctors and nurses can at worse pose health issues. A doctor wearing white coat attests and validates his or her position within the hospital, clinic or doctor’s office. The same holds true for the nurse dressed in scrubs.

There is no option to replace the lab coat. Can doctors put on street clothing? But we still find many doctors including dentists wearing no gown or coat at all. And all we can think of is liquid debris getting on his shirt. That’s awful! What if he or she has blood or saliva on his or her shirt? That must be quite a put off for the patients waiting for treatment or consultation. Does the doctor go out with the same shirt right after the treatment, much to the dismay of the patients? This makes wearing the protective coat, lab coat or apron quite imperative.

If disease prevention is one thing, proper dressing required for the medical professional including lab coats, scrubs and other protective wear is another.

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