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A brief note on the different types of Stethoscope


A brief note on the different types of Stethoscope

Stethoscope have been around for several centuries; they have been the tool per default for most doctors and medical professionals when they need to do a quick check up. Stethoscopes are used by doctors to listen carefully to the various sounds of the body such as hearts, lungs and the stomach. This preliminary assessment helps doctors assess the body condition of the patients.

This said, more often than not, the function of a stethoscope, contrary to what most of us think, is not just to listen to the heart beat. Stethoscope come in different types, we have covered the three basic types here.

Acoustic type:

The most common type is the standard chest piece which is the most common item in the doctor’s toolkit. It comes with the ability to capture the sounds at very low frequency levels. Oftentimes there are issues with doctors not able to perform their diagnosis as its use is quite limited.

Electronic type:

The electronic type of the device is the newer type that amplifies the sounds of the body so that the doctors can hear the device well. Often it comes with various features such as noise filtering systems including those that enable recording sound as well. This recording feature also enables the doctor to create a history of the different types made by the patient during the check-up.

Fetal type:

As the name suggests, Fetal type is a specific type of Stethoscope used to examine the pregnant women. This stethoscope type comes with a plate that looks like a trumpet which increases the ability of the device to detect fetal heart beat. However, latest tech innovations have converted this device into an electronic sonaid, an advanced fetal stethoscope. There are many types of stethoscopes available to specialist doctors. For them finding the best available stethoscopes that go with their medical specialization will help them deliver better services.

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