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A brief note on the 3D Visualization System for endoscopy - Jimhans Medical
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A brief note on the 3D Visualization System for endoscopy

Monostereo Visualization System

A brief note on the 3D Visualization System for endoscopy

One of the biggest breakthroughs in surgical community is the Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS). Its large-scale success is due to its minimal invasion of the patient’s physiology which offers the patient higher chances of fast recovery post surgery.

The MonoStereo Visualization System features stereo visualization from monoscopic image during the MIS. It gives you real-time display and adjustable 3D effects to minimally invasive surgery. Though 2D and flexible endoscope are both considered cutting-edge tools for MIS and interventions, they lack the depth perception and display. Surgical and interventional tasks are complex to handle and it is not simple to recognize the tissue lesions. The system can function with all HD 2D endoscope systems, not just keep 2D features including room-out, room-in and rotation, but also enable viewing 3D effects with adjustable 3D disparity and depth perception.

Why MonoStereo Visualization System?
Being the one and only endoscope visualization system, MonoStereo 3D is designed for easy-set up, easy-alter adjustable 3D effects which overrides the limitations of traditional 3D systems, offering a fresh perspective on surgical imaging. 3D visualization offers a better image to Minimaly Invasive Surgery (MIS) with depth perception. This is an improved solution, according to MedicalTek, where the 3D image with adjustable disparity offers customized 3D effects to serve various eye movement and visual perception of each surgeon at diverse operating environments. 

The newly developed MonoStereo 3D is a fusion of advanced 3D technology. Hospitals and clinics can have 3D visualization surgery with a minimized equipment transition cost. The compatibility of the equipment allows it to function well with 100’s of rigid, flexible and others endoscopes; there isn’t any need neither to go for a new one nor to dump the pre-existing endoscope, monitor and camera away. The MonoStereo 3D is a seamless connection minus any workflow change during the surgery, as per an article published by MedicalTrek.